I’ve created a fun new service plugin that makes it easy to flood Adium with tons of messages or buddy events 🙂

Just add a ‘Stress Test’ account, and in the provided message window use any of the listed commands. First send a ‘create 400’ to set yourself up some fake buddies. At this point, you can send ‘online 400’ to make all of them sign on instantly!… or try you hand at a ‘msgin 100 20 Hello!’, which will make 20 of the fake buddies send you the message ‘Hello!’ 5 times each, all at once 😀

But wait, there’s more! Evan hinted that 160 windows might be possible at once… but have you ever seen 160 Adium message windows in action?!? You’ll never forget the horrifying experience of a ‘msgin 160 160 Amazing!’ 😉

When you have that many events happening at once, it’s easy to see where the bottlenecks are. (Don’t try the 160 windows unless you’re prepared to force quit Adium :-))

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