I forgive you Evan, because you had a reason to ignore the DO NOT USE.

Anyway, I didn’t make any progres on libgaim. I had a buttload of homework, which I didn’t do, but by screwing around and not doing anything, I felt less guity (dunno how that works, dont’ ask me either). But this weekend I should have ample time (when I’m not watching the game! DIE YANKEES!!). My first task is to get the buddylist working. Then I’ll move on to messaging. File transfer -will- be in there, don’t worry.

As for my plans in the (not-so?)distant future, I’m hoping to try tackling the iChat Audio. It’d be nea if I could get that in. No promises, though!

Oh, and if anyone reading this is at Brown University, I’d just like to say that I’m really excited about your school, it’s my top pick, and I really want to go there. ACCEPT ME PLEASE! 😀

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