We can now import logs from iChat.

We’re taking advantage of a program by Spiny Software named Logorrhea. Get it here.

Using Logorrhea, go to “Export Chats …” in the file menu.

Export those chats.

This will make a tab-delimeted file with all of your conversations. Then run (get it from Adium’s CVS in the Utilities folder, or here. on the file. Run it by typing “ /path/to/iChat\ Export.txt –usernames –primary-user YOUR_USER_NAME”

You might get a few messages about a bad record. This is normal. If you get a bajillion, you might have problems with encoding. (SirFunk did. I didn’t. Not sure why.) In that case, you can use TextEdit to remedy the problem.

Open it in TextEdit, and resave it as UTF-8 encoding, with a different filename. Then run /path/to/new/file

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