Having done MSN, Yahoo, and Jabber, those two (which had already compiled in an UNIX-y way when I was working with gaim previously) were just staring me down, with beautiful green eyes… and I just couldn’t say no.

The MSN HTML problem is fixed now – good catch, eevyl. [edit]We’re just stripping font information for the present; Colin’s going to make it right for real.[/edit] Yahoo display issues are better, too. Jabber doesn’t work because it apparently violates as a matter of course something which was indicative of a problem in AIM… probably won’t be too hard to fix.

MSN and Yahoo both require confirmation when someone adds you to their contact list… you’ll see a “adiumGaimRequestAction” in your console log, but Adium doesn’t know how to handle it yet. Sign in with an official client and you can respond to the request.

I’m going to be mostly gone for a couple days… New Year’s celebrations, post-New Year’s celebrations, and recovery. Watch out for that nasty Y2K4 bug which is going to shake the OS X community…

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