Our known issues list is now publicly viewable (Link available in the sidebar –>).

If you’re experiencing an issue on that list, there is no need to report it unless you have additional information that may help us fix it. As we fix bugs they will be removed from the list, but the fixes will not be available until the next Adium release.

The following 0.56 issues have already been fixed and are waiting for this Friday’s 0.57 release:

– HTML appearing at the beginning of outgoing MSN messages

– MSN display names not appearing, AIM names lacking formatting

– Multiple tabs being created for a single contact

– Contact ordering not saving on quit

– Custom sound alerts not working

The past 2 weeks of exams and school projects really took a beating on us, but almost all of that has cleared up now. Thanks for your patience. We’ve got some exciting stuff planned for the next few months :-).

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