Welcome to Adium 0.61! This is an particularly exciting release which brings to the table features for which we’ve gotten tons of requests. MSN File Transfer, buddy icons in MSN and Yahoo!, an image picker for setting your own buddy icon from within Adium, and lots of small things. Stability should be even better than 0.60 (which was, to judge from the much-reduced level of crash reports, a step in the right direction), and launch time has been, like the prices at your local used car lot, slashed.

On the GUI side of things, we hope you like the new tab status indicators as much as we do; don’t worry, the insane (but functional) customizability you’ve come to know and love in Adium will come to them in the near future, with the creation of an Adium Xtra pack for tab status icons. As usual, check out the Version history for all the changes, and enjoy! 🙂

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