Event Notification Window Future

OK, seems like I really need to post something here to try to stop people asking about the event notification window from time to time in the forums. Not that I really believe this is going to stop it really, but seems the right thing to do.

The event notification engine in current Adium will be replaced by the Growl plugin. Not for the inmediate next release (0.7), but soon. My personal plan is to make this change as seamless as posible for the users, maintaining the same interface to activate and trigger it using alerts, same preferences and the like so it works right out of the box (despite the installation of Growl, which should be straightforward also when we bundle it, or something).

So, if you have request or suggestions regarding the event notification engine, please try Growl (instructions to activate the Adium Growl plugin here) and submit your ideas at the Growl Forum and/or the Growl IRC channel.

Un, dos, tres… CATORCE!

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