Status updates, etc

So I guess I’m supposed to talk about things in here which pertain to adium right? Or something like that. BLA!

So in case nobody noticed we rearranged some things on the website. This was done in the hopes that the website would be easier to use. We’ve killed the bugs forums and moved that over to trac. This is important because now it’s really easy to search through open tickets before making a new one. This should hopefully make maintaining the stuff you guys are submitting to us easier.

One important thing that would really help us is if you guys set a version and a component. Let me explain these fields a little bit, so that hopefully some people have a better understanding of the situation. Basically it’s as follows:

Version: Version shows what version this is currently affecting. Say you have a problem with dock icons in version .81. You would set the version to .81 in the trac ticket. This helps us to know easily which version this affected you in, and helps us to reproduce things.

One other field to be concerned with is the component drop down. This allows you to say easily that “this is for the message window” or “this is if the ICQ protocol”. If you set this it helps us when we look for similar issues with the same component. There is a rather silly component called “El vision del Tick”. Leave that one be, it’s something we’re using to play with new ideas. All other components should be useful to you guys and girls, so have fun.

Setting these fields correctly will really help us. We can spend less time maintaining the tickets, and more time working on the actual problems.

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