On The Road Again

I’ve got a couple things I’d like to talk about over the next few weeks, mostly about the direction we’re headed as we being the march to 1.0, our next major release (sorry 0.9, but you’re just not cool enough). But first, I’d like to (officially?) announce that I’m going to be attending Drunkenblog’s Evening @ Adler.

Now, a few things I’d like to clarify about this. 1) No, I won’t be on the panel 2) No, there aren’t any seats left. 3) Yes it (and the afterparty) will be available to download/stream sometime after the talk. 4) As far as I know, Jeff Melloy and I are the only Adium developer attending, so we’ll be sure to represent. If you’re going to be there, feel free to leave a comment, maybe we can form some sort of giant robot or something.

Next time, I’ll be talking about some design related issues that are going to affect end-users in 1.0, including logging and message views. Stay tuned!

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