Of Libgaim 2.0.0 and Universal Binaries

I’ve been working hard getting Adium up and running with the current CVS of Gaim 2.0.0. You can read more about Gaim 2 on the Gaim page. Of note are the many changes so far (not all of Gaim’s changes are relevant to Adium, but the change log gives you an idea how big a release it will be) including the non-gtk specific changes from the Google Summer of Code Gaim projects.

Another upcoming bit of fun-and-games from Gaim 2.0.0 is, hopefully, voice/video support. It’s likely that Voice support for Google Talk will come first, followed later by webcam support. Nothing is definite yet, so please don’t treat this as a promise, but we’re certainly excited at the prospect.

Calls to arms
1. Several of the new Gaim 2 changes need special attention for Adium to see any benefit, such as the new support for Yahoo Doodle. Interested in seeing Doodle support in Adium? Have enough coding experience to make it happen? Consider this an official invitation to try your hand.

The same goes for the new MSN Custom emoticon support and anything you see in the Trac list of tickets or want to see there. Help us help you — join the glorious elite and become an Adium patch writer 🙂

See Getting the Adium Source and Contributing Code for more information.

2. Through all these changes, we’re working on getting Libgaim and Adium ready to run on the new Intel-based Macs by making the binaries universal. Nobody on the development team has one of the Mactel transition kits, however. I need a Mactel, gcc 4.0.1 build of The GNU MP Bignum Library — specifically, the libgmp.a static library file. If you have access to a Mactel machine, please download, configure, make, make check, and send me the library, which is found in the .libs directory after building. Thanks!

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