SubEthaEdit Roxors!

SubEthaEdit from the Coding Monkeys rules, and here is why:

1) They are generally nice folks. For instance, any problems I’ve had they’ve been happy to help with. Oh, and they just donated licenses to the Adium project. Pretty sweet huh?

2) It’s a great text editor. I’ve used it as an all purpose editor for a while now, and it’s been pretty sweet.

3) The icon is pretty cool. Albeit I do prefer the older blue squishy guys to the newer green squishy guys icon, but it’s still a pretty sweet icon.

4) Collaborative editing is really beneficial to the project. Having 4 devs working on one class file at the same time really helps the development process along. It also really helps when someone is stuck on something, and is easier than pasting it somewhere and then going back and forth with it.

So ya, I like SEE 😀

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