Adium 1.0.3

The Adium team is proud to announce the release of Adium 1.0.3. This is a significant bugfix release of the 1.0 series recommended for all Adium users running OS X 10.3.9 or later. We’ve reduced Adium’s memory footprint by plugging a major memory leak, greatly enhanced Adium’s ability to do AIM file transfer and direct IM when behind an Apple Airport router, improved retrieval of MSN buddy icons, fixed printing and Spotlight searching of chat transcripts, and fixed many more bugs and crashes. The Adium translators have kept their end of the bargain, so your favorite instant messaging client is still available in 18 languages in addition to English, plus some regional localizations.

Adium 1.0.3 switches to Unsanity’s Smart Crash Reports (SCR) for crash reporting. Adium will not install Smart Crash Reports automatically, but we recommend that you do so yourself. SCR lets information about crashes be sent both to an application’s developer (that’s us!) and to Apple (so that Apple engineers are aware of the problem and can fix it if it is from Apple’s own code). Installing is easy, and SCR only does anything if a program crashes.

Thanks as always for the continued support of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux and our download host Cachefly!

Want to help with Adium’s development? See Contributing To Adium for information on getting involved, contributing code, and donating. 🙂

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