Group Chat Updates

Time for an update on Group Chats!

Over the last week I worked on implementing room commands. Although adium supported room commands previously, I have written a graphical interface to use these commands. For all services, most of the commands should be working (like changing your handle, joining a different room), but some are not supported at the moment due to (yet more) limitations of Adium. As of this moment this includes several IRC commands, and the configure commands on Jabber.

Although IRC is not the main focus right now, I will be adding support for all IRC commands to adium (if they are supported by libpurple). This is one among several planned changes to the currently existing IRC Plugin, such as better user management, topic support (in collaboration with David Smith), and visual user differentiation.

In addition, I have fixed several issues with the new userlist, and implemented a few other neat things:

    • It is now impossible to hide the userlist by resizing.


  • You can now hide the userlist by double clicking the resizing thumb.



  • Drag & Drop should now support metacontacts.



I am continuing to work on the roomlist browser, in collaboration with Andreas Monitzer, who wrote the XMPP discovery browser. Currently, we are discussing the details of the userinterface & how to best represent all services.
In addition, progress is being made on chat bookmarking, which I will hopefully get done in the next week or so.

That’s all folks!

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