SoC: Group Chat Improvements – some updates


My name is Erik Beerepoot, i’m another SoC student here at Adium.

Although a bit on the late side perhaps, here’s an update on group chat improvements. As you can read on Google’s SoC page, I proposed to do several improvements on the current implementation of group chat. As coding has been going on for a little over a month now, some of this features have been implemented, and are waiting on dev feedback.

So far, I’ve updated the group chat interface, I’ve changed to old userlist and added a so-called widget bar. A planned feature for this bar is room commands; but for now, it just looks pretty.

I’ve also added drag & drop support to group chats. It is now possible to drag a contact from the contact list to a group chat, and the contact will join the group chat. I’m planning on adding sorting capabilities to the userlist (just like in the contact list), and also making this drag possible for turning a single user chat into a group chat.

Right now, I’m working on adding room/server bookmarking to adium. It is currently being discussed what exactly the proper graphical representation will be.

This is all for now, but i’ll have updates to follow soon!

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