SoC: Snapping Groups


This is Andre Cohen, one of the SoC students working on Adium. I have this summer been extending the contact list’s functionality to allow groups to be detachable. As it has been seen here a lot of progress has been made. Groups can easily be detached, moved and organized in which ever way one prefers. As of two weeks ago the project became stable enough for everyday use.

Currently I have been working on smoothing out the experience. This includes:

  • Adding/perfecting options in the view and window menu
  • Making sure it is clear to the user when a groups are attached to each other or if they simply are next to each other
  • Fixing or perhaps revising the way contact lists hide on the edge of the screen (thus fixing a currently very interesting bug)

This project has been going very well. Having started a bit early on the project it is allowing me to take more time to make sure everything functions smoothly. More updates to come!

PS: Since this project is entirely focused on user interaction I look forward to hearing about concerns and/or suggestions about this project.

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