SoC: XMPP Merged to Trunk!

Sooo, I implemented the two tickets noted as missing in my last blog entry. Since all that’s left now is waiting on other SoC students, I had to move to something else. My branch was merged into trunk (the main development tree for svn-impaired), which should help adaption and testing.

If anybody reading this is using XMPP frequently, likes living on the edge and writing bug reports, please check out the latest development version of Adium, compile it and use it for a while! If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, take a look at ReportingBugs. Any input in valuable! If your ticket concerns XMPP, please assign it to “am” (myself), so I get a notification for it.

EDIT: We get a discount on our per-ticket-fees on trac, so please open one separate ticket per request! We can afford that. Thank you for the valuable input I’ve received so far!

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