Adium 1.1.4

We’re proud to announce Adium 1.1.4, a bugfix release in the Adium 1.1 series. We’ve fixed almost all Mac OS X 10.5-related issues in Adium 1.1.3, most notably contact list drag & drop, the image picker, and interactions with Spaces. This version also fixes a number of issues for all users of Adium 1.x: log indexing and searching has been improved, passwords are no longer improperly removed from the Keychain, several crashes have been addressed, and more. See the version history for the full list. Chat away, my wayward sons (and daughters)!

Join us or help us! Please see Contributing to Adium for how you can submit patches and code, hunt down bugs, and donate to support further development! Thanks as always for the continued support of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux and our download host CacheFly!

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