Adium 1.2!

The Adium team is proud to announce the availability of Adium 1.2. This is a major feature release with a ton of fantastic improvements as well as a a ridiculous number of bug fixes. We’ve discussed many (but not all) of the new features themselves previously on the blog, including the improved Adium menu item and account management features, various and sundry improvements to Jabber support (including SSL certification authentication, server-supplied action support, and discovery services browsing), fixed Bonjour local area network messaging with file transfers, better group chat (conferencing), a completely rewritten Applescript dictionary which should lead to all sorts of powerful new interactions with other programs, and detachable groups. (One ‘advertised’ feature which did not make it into Adium 1.2 was MSN personal messages; development efforts for these are still in progress by the libpurple team. A future version of Adium will have this enhancement once it’s ready.)

That’s not all! Massive improvements have been made to the localization of Adium; if your native language is Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English (including Australian English), Finnish, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, or Turkish, you’ll find Adium 1.2 to be your most natural instant messaging experience ever. 188 tickets were closed by Adium 1.2; each ticket represents a feature request or bug, most filed by users. As always, see the version history for all the noteworthy changes.

A lot goes into every Adium release, from testing to coding to support. We’re a friendly and active development and user community, but we always want for more hands, eyes, and minds. That means you! Remember, Adium is free, open source software, coded entirely by volunteers. See Contributing to Adium for how you can submit patches and code, help hunt down bugs, and donate!

We greatly appreciate the donated resources of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux (who most recently added donated rack space and connectivity for our Mac Mini build and testing machine, smew, to the array of services they provide us) and our download host CacheFly!

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