Adium 1.2.1

Hot on the duck feet of Adium 1.2 comes a new version just in time for the weekend!

Adium 1.2.1 fixes a number of bugs accidentally introduced in 1.2, significantly reduces Adium’s memory footprint (both by fixing a couple leaks and by optimizing memory usage), improves the new Applescript dictionary, and corrects a gaggle of other issues. Group chats will now automatically reconnect when your instant messaging account reconnects, too!

We’ve expanded the horizons for use: Adium 1.2.1 is the most accessible version yet, with major improvements to support for VoiceOver and other assistive devices, and this release also brings a new translation into Slovenian.

See the version history for all 44 noteworthy changes.

Please don’t forget to contribute however you can; we’re always looking for patch writers and new developers, in particular. Also, please take a look at our site host NetworkRedux and our download host CacheFly if you’re in need of network services.

Enjoy =)

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