Introduction: Adrian Godoroja

Hi, I’m Adrian, a 2007 Computer Science graduate from Europe, who currently runs a small software development company (iOS/Mac OS apps and games).

I’ve been with Adium for almost 8 months now, starting from January 2011. Basically i’m working on everything I manage to grab :), things that I find interesting or easy to fix, years old tickets and even reviewing contributors patches recently, though I have to admit that my main area of interest is Adium’s UI. I hope to bring new life to Adium by working on a new “better/fresher/cooler/-insert-a-great-word-here-” UI.

Other areas of interest would be: performance improvements, modern (latest) OS X tech, source code/project clean-up and lots of other interesting stuff.

Developing for Adium is great, learning new stuff everyday, great team, lots of new friends ;).

More about me (including contact info) on my wiki page here. Thanks!

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