Subversion and Trac server switch

We have now moved Trac and Subversion (svn) to cocoa|forge. Cocoaforge has served the Adium Forums for a long time as well as hosting for Growl, Colloquy, and Virtue Desktops. We’re very excited about the transition and appreciative of Cocaoforge’s commitment to open source development 🙂

The main Adium website and AdiumXtras site will continue to be hosted by the amazing folks at Network Redux, and CacheFly remains our download provider.

One minor speed bump in the subversion move is that we’re now using http:// instead of svn:// for repository access. Existing checkouts will need to be switched over to the new connection method with the following command, executed from the root of your adium checkout.
svn switch –relocate svn://
If you have svn compiled with SSL support, you can do:
svn switch –relocate svn://

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