Please don’t use https:// if you do not have to

We’ve been requested to have those who do not require https// to not use it when checking out svn

Here is the list of requirements that I think should cover the majority of a why you should use https:// to check out svn source:

1) If you are not a developer. https:// is quite useful for developers, as it does not send their passwords as plain text. If you do not have a commit bit, you probably don’t need https:// to check out the latest svn source.

2) If you cannot check out the latest svn source with http:// . This could be due to isps or proxies. This does happen to some people though.

So why are we being asked to not have everyone use https:// ? Quite frankly a svn checkout is an expensive operation as it is, and when you add in an https:// connection for that, you put more load on the server when doing the check out.

So be sure to choose wisely, and if you aren’t sure which to choose, use http:// .

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