Thanks to Bleep Software for BuildFactory

I’ve spent part of my morning fiddling with BuildFactory from , which is a really great app. At first, I was skeptical that something like this would be useful, but it’s actually really nice – you can set it to build a Development version and then a Deployment-Debug version all with one click – really streamlines a common yet somewhat irritating workflow for me. Makes double-broom and full-rebuild a lot less painful, I’ll probably do it daily or every other day now instead of once every couple of weeks. (I’m on an iBook G4 – full recompiles of Adium take about 20 minutes – longer if they’re universal – so now I can fire-and-forget clean builds of both buildstyles when I go to bed.)

I think over the next few days all of my active projects will make it into BuildFactory and then be clean-built overnight on a regular schedule. Never underestimate the power of regular double-brooms for fixing those esoteric problems.

It also saves the list of warnings that were thrown between runs of the app – which is really great for someone that tends to want to go after warnings frequently.

All that, plus Bleep just donated licenses to the Adium project, which should make the lot of us more productive. Many thanks to them for their donation and for making a really handy tool.

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