Aim issues in the beta

There are some Aim issues that are happening which fall under the following criteria:

1) Your account needs to have a significant amount of buddies listed on it.

2) You are using the Beta.

If you have both then you’ll see that your aim account is signing off and on at random times until you get kicked off of the Aim servers.

We are quite aware of the issue, and are working on a resolution. In the mean time, .89.1 works, along with iChat and other Aim clients.

Remember folks, this is a beta.

We’re seeing more reports than we need on this issue right now. If you have information on how to fix this we could use that, otherwise we don’t need anymore comments that this is happening to you as well.

We’ve had this problem reported in this locations:

In other words, a lot of places. Please do not open any new tickets, and until we close them all as resolved and release a new beta please do not reopen the tickets if we close them.


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