Merging to a branch

Augie asked me to do the merge of our SVN trunk into the Smack+Jingle branch (shared by his student and Evan’s student), and I started it last night.

Here’s the timeline.

  • 23:00: Start of merge. Duration: Almost six hours.

  • 04:56: Start of resolving conflicts (sometimes svn reaches an impasse in how to reconcile the older version of a file with the newer; the result is a conflict).

    Most of these were localization-related binary files (so no diff, just the old version and the new version), so that went quickly — all I had to do was select the new version and clobber the old.

    Duration: Half an hour.

  • 05:24: Start of commit.

    • 05:24: Sending, Adding, Replacing, Deleting phase. Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes.

    • 06:43: Transmitting. Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes.

    Total duration of commit: 1 hour 28 minutes.

And so it was done at 07:57 — all told, just about nine hours. You’re welcome, Andreas and Alvaro. ☺

One thing I found out when I did the merge on my own student’s branch (Accessibility) is that svn 1.4 is much better at it (i.e. less likely to produce a conflict) than 1.3.x. This is one reason why Augie asked me to do the Smack+Jingle branch as well; he didn’t/doesn’t have 1.4, and I do (1.4rc2), and he didn’t have time to build it, so it would be faster for me to do the merge. I’m glad I could help out.

(Note: svn 1.4 uses a new working copy format, so I would not recommend upgrading to it completely until it is finally released. I installed it as svn-1.4, and kept 1.3.2 installed, so that I can still use 1.3.2 on my other svn checkouts until the 1.4 release.)

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