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joscar Merged

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

The adium-joscar branch has been merged to trunk. What this means is that the branch is now effectively bunk and if you have been using the branch, you need to switch to trunk now. I’ll delete the joscar branch when I’m confident everything is going to be stable on trunk.

I’ve tested joscar on an Intel iMac thanks to the IT department at school, where they gave me free run of one for about 5 minutes to test this, and I’ve done some work testing it on stock Java installs, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t run everywhere trunk did before the merge.


Where’s 1.0?

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

The list below is no longer accurate. Check the trac roadmap for the up to date version if you’re really curious

As many of you know, the next version of Adium will be version 1.0. It’s the biggest release so far, and we’re really excited about it. However, it’s not done yet. There have been some questions about when it’ll be out, why it’s not out already, etc… so I’ve written a bit about what’s left to do. Described below are the remaining “tickets” in our bug/request tracking system that have the 1.0 milestone. Most of them will be fixed before we release a beta (probably in a few months), some will probably be moved to another milestone, and some new ones will be added.

Note: this is NOT a list of what is new in 1.0. This is a list of what’s (currently) left to do before 1.0b1.

  • Joscar (assorted tickets)

    Joscar is the completely new AIM code we’ll be using. It replaces libgaim (for AIM/ICQ/.Mac only), and it is going to be one of the biggest changes in 1.0; Working file transfer and direct connect, as well as other improvements. A slim majority of the remaining tickets for 1.0 are related to finishing this up and getting it merged into the main Adium code. The developer of Joscar, Keith Lea, has been absolutely wonderful in working with us to resolve issues and integrate it into Adium, and we’re very pleased with the progress so far.

  • Privacy improvements (ticket 19)

    Pretty big changes here; the ability to only allow messages from people on your list, easier editing of who’s blocked and who isn’t, and some other stuff. A lot of it is done already, but some more work will take place once Joscar is done.

  • Logging (ticket 38, XMLLogFormat)

    The logging system (Log Viewer, Message History, and Logging plugin) is being completely replaced for 1.0. This is the most unfinished part at the moment. It’s unclear how much will get done, or how long it will take. The end result should support Spotlight, be easier to use, and be faster.

  • Review default Xtras (ticket 3134)

    We’re still deciding what Xtras we will include with 1.0. There’s hundreds of great candidates, and more are being made all the time. We’ll also be looking at what the default preference settings are (turning “show offline contacts” on by default, for example).

  • Miscellaneous issues:

    • Script filters always run after plugin filters (ticket 1884):

      This results in %_statusMessage not working.

    • Improve “Passport Not Verified” Message (ticket 568):

      Fixing this would make an MSN error message clearer. Might be done for 1.0; might not.

    • Block Contact Toolbar Icon (ticket 1117):

      Just what it sounds like: an icon in the message window toolbar for blocking people.

    • File Transfer Fails to Unlock File (ticket 95):

      This causes some issues with modifying files after they’re sent to you.

    • Crash in -[NSTextView mouseMoved:] (ticket 2137):

      This seems to mostly occur when returning from being away. I’m not entirely sure why this crash happens; it may or may not be fixed for 1.0.

  • Status:

    Basically, away/idle is pretty messed up.

  • Localization:

  • Stuff for when the code is done:

    • Help viewer (ticket 2335):

      Yes, we’re getting real Adium help files. They look pretty awesome so far 🙂

    • Set up appcasts (ticket 2646):

      This is setup for the new software update system, Andy Matuschak’s Sparkle.

If you’d like to work on Adium, we’d love to have your help. Join the #adium irc channel on and/or check out our guidelines for contributing code. IRC is where most development discussion happens.