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SoC: Bonjour Messaging Updates

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I am pleased to tell everyone that file transfer receiving now works with Bonjour messaging!

SoC: Bonjour Messaging

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Hello everyone, this is Erich Kreutzer, another SoCoder. My project focuses on updating Bonjour messaging support within Adium. As some of you may have experienced, the current implementation has, unfortunately, not been kept up to date and thus does not work well (if at all). The current implementation also lacks support for file transfer.

Thus, the primary purpose of this project is to get Bonjour messaging and file transfer working with iChat as well as other clients. At this time, the messaging aspect of the project nears completion. A few minor bugs still exist including buddy icons not being sent (although they are received). However, I found out recently that a few adventurous users have already started using the updated implementation!

After I complete the messaging implementation, I plan to start implementing file transfer. I look forward to what should be a fun challenge.

As the project progresses I plan to keep everyone updated!

Huzzah! 2007 Edition

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

As discussed previously, Adium is participating in this year’s Google Summer of Code.

Google gave us six slots, just like last year. We’ve made our choices; here they are:

Adding Voice Support to Adium by Implementing a Basic A/V Backend and IAX
Student: Justin Berka
Mentor: Alan Humpherys
More information on IAX.
Improving group chat
Student: Erik Beerepoot
Mentor: David Smith
Unit testing
Student: Patrick Gibson
Mentor: Brian Ganninger
Fix & expand AppleScript support
Student: Matt Handley
Mentor: Peter Hosey
Improving Adium’s XMPP (Jabber) Support
Student: Andreas Monitzer
Mentor: Augie Fackler
Features Andreas wants to implement: Gateway support, PEP, user tune, user avatar, user nickname, OTR-over-Jabber improvements, , discovery browsing, ad-hoc commands, and possibly invisibility.
Improved Bonjour Support
Student: Erich Kreutzer
Mentor: Andrew Wellington

On Jabber: Yes, we had a similar project last year, but that was using Smack (a separate Jabber library), which we had to drop because of the Java-Cocoa bridge going away. Andreas is back to do it again in libpurple.

Also, we’re not going to have a separate student blog this year. Students’ blog posts will be here, on the main blog.