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Continued support for Twitter in Adium

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Twitter announced a while ago they will retire version 1 of their API this year. This means applications that interface with Twitter using this method, like Adium does, will stop working. They have begun some so-called “blackout tests” where certain functions stop working in applications relying on API version 1. Users reported that sending Twitter direct messages (DMs) from Adium didn’t work temporarily. According to Twitter, we will be seeing more and more of these temporary blackout tests.[1][2]

Adium support for Twitter was initially added in version 1.4, released in 2010. Aside from some bug fixes, it hasn’t seen many changes since. Twitter support has been good enough for quite a few people (including many current and former Adium developers) to keep it in Adium.

Twitter’s plans have made us consider the future of our support for Twitter. Fortunately, our very own Frank Dowsett has stepped up and will make the changes required to keep Twitter working in Adium. Updated Twitter support is targeted for Adium 1.5.7.

It’s no secret that Twitter has been moving to discourage third-parties from developing Twitter clients. We don’t know what shape this might take in the future, but we do know that many of you use, and even enjoy the ability to interact with Twitter via Adium. We will do our best to continue to support it.