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Introduction: Adrian Godoroja

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Hi, I’m Adrian, a 2007 Computer Science graduate from Europe, who currently runs a small software development company (iOS/Mac OS apps and games).

I’ve been with Adium for almost 8 months now, starting from January 2011. Basically i’m working on everything I manage to grab :), things that I find interesting or easy to fix, years old tickets and even reviewing contributors patches recently, though I have to admit that my main area of interest is Adium’s UI. I hope to bring new life to Adium by working on a new “better/fresher/cooler/-insert-a-great-word-here-” UI.

Other areas of interest would be: performance improvements, modern (latest) OS X tech, source code/project clean-up and lots of other interesting stuff.

Developing for Adium is great, learning new stuff everyday, great team, lots of new friends ;).

More about me (including contact info) on my wiki page here. Thanks!

Introduction: Patrick Steinhardt

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Hi. I am Patrick Steinhardt, student in Computer Science at the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and a pretty new developer of Adium.

I started contributing to Adium in May 2011 with a small bug fix.

It really wasn’t anything big but the warm welcome of certain people immediately convinced me to stay with Adium.

Warm welcome? Yeah, I really like the friendly and occasionally engaged atmosphere surrounding our core team. I have already been given the (admittedly unofficial and not very popular) title “token master”, as I introduced the magic of token fields to our interfaces.

So what are my intentions? Basically, there are two main areas I want to deal with:

  1. The first and primary goal is to clean up Adium. This does not only involve the UI but especially the source code.
  2. The second goal is to get some new look to Adium but as you can imagine this is a rather big topic.

Apart from those topics I am really interested in the XMPP stack with all its facilities. But I still have to find something I can work on to satisfy this passion.