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Apple updates Mac Pro Performance page for Adium 1.2

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Apple maintains a page in the Mac Pro section of its website titled Performance, comparing the time that the Mac Pro needs to complete various tasks to the time needed by previous Macs Pro and the G5.

Previously, this page used the time required to build Adium 0.89 using Xcode. As I’ve said privately before, this benchmark didn’t really show off the Mac Pro well, because Adium’s build process at that time was very linear—it did not take good advantage of multiple processors. This was one of a great many things we fixed for Adium 1.0.

For the release of their new Mac Pro, they’ve updated it to use the build time for Adium 1.2. Now, the numbers are not only more current, but better express the parallel power of the Mac Pro.

Thanks to Jesper for the heads-up.