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Merging to a branch

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Augie asked me to do the merge of our SVN trunk into the Smack+Jingle branch (shared by his student and Evan’s student), and I started it last night.

Here’s the timeline.

  • 23:00: Start of merge. Duration: Almost six hours.

  • 04:56: Start of resolving conflicts (sometimes svn reaches an impasse in how to reconcile the older version of a file with the newer; the result is a conflict).

    Most of these were localization-related binary files (so no diff, just the old version and the new version), so that went quickly — all I had to do was select the new version and clobber the old.

    Duration: Half an hour.

  • 05:24: Start of commit.

    • 05:24: Sending, Adding, Replacing, Deleting phase. Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes.

    • 06:43: Transmitting. Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes.

    Total duration of commit: 1 hour 28 minutes.

And so it was done at 07:57 — all told, just about nine hours. You’re welcome, Andreas and Alvaro. ☺

One thing I found out when I did the merge on my own student’s branch (Accessibility) is that svn 1.4 is much better at it (i.e. less likely to produce a conflict) than 1.3.x. This is one reason why Augie asked me to do the Smack+Jingle branch as well; he didn’t/doesn’t have 1.4, and I do (1.4rc2), and he didn’t have time to build it, so it would be faster for me to do the merge. I’m glad I could help out.

(Note: svn 1.4 uses a new working copy format, so I would not recommend upgrading to it completely until it is finally released. I installed it as svn-1.4, and kept 1.3.2 installed, so that I can still use 1.3.2 on my other svn checkouts until the 1.4 release.)

Gizmo in Adium?!!?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

OK, so it’s not what you’re thinking. ☺

Colin and I were playing with Gizmo 2.0 last night. Before we started, I wanted to try out its IM feature, so I clicked the “IM” button. Up came the prompt:

Account name or Jabber/XMPP ID:

“Hmmm”, I said. I entered my regular Jabber ID and IM’d myself. Up popped a tab in Adium, from

Now thoroughly in an experimental mood, I added a Jabber account to Adium, with the JID set to and the connect server set to

Sure enough, it works flawlessly. Contact list changes in Adium carry over to Gizmo and vice versa. The only Gizmo feature missing in Adium is voice chat. 😉

So, if you don’t like that Gizmo doesn’t support Adium message view styles (Skype does), just use Adium. ☺

Interview at OSNews

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

In case you folks are interested, I was interviewed by OSNews regarding Adium and Growl.

Here ya go:

How fast can you build Adium? Ask Apple

Monday, August 7th, 2006

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past nine hours, the Mac Pro was among the things announced today at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

And on the Mac Pro site, they have a Performance page showing benchmark comparisons of the Mac Pro to the quad G5 before it. Under “Science and Technical Computing”, there are six benchmarks. One of these is “Xcode: Build project”.

The project they built for this test was Adium X 0.89. ☺

I, for one, think this is very cool. Thanks, Apple. ☺ And thanks also to Arvid Norberg to tipping us off to this.

Good News

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

I just switched my car insuranc..

Oh wait, not that news.

The forums are back up.

The bad news is we lost a portion of the data that was in place, about 1 week of posts.

Cocoaforge outage status

Monday, July 17th, 2006

Hi folks,

I’m just going to post here on this, since it’s a midway update. Trac is up, Forums should hopefully be up tomorrow.

If you have any reproducable issues, please go ahead and post them on Trac like normal.

On a side note, Anonymous access has been restored to Trac as of last week. Spam filtering was implemented, which is what caused the move to the adium/adium login.

Forums down

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

Hi folks,

I’ve outlined the downtime at my personal blog, here is a direct link to the post:

I’ll post there and here when things are back up.

Comments on the SoC page

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

The level of spam forced onto the SoC page was actually rather impressive. I didn’t think the spammers had it in them to utterly drive me crazy. At first I started by simply banning outright their phrases, and enabling the proxy check thing. Then I got really tough, and forced all comments to be approved before being posted.

When all that failed, I tried some random add-on solutions to prevent the spam. No go. I still logged on to see 10-15 “approve me!” spams in my inbox every day. So, now, thanks to the wonderful technology in the hands of spammers worldwide, you can’t tell the (obviously slacking, the last post was almost a week ago!) students how much you love their hard work.

Also hi. I’m Zac West. You probably don’t know me, but I’m the guy who coded the Xtras webpage, and ends up doing most of the web work around here. Nice to meet you. 😉

Edit: Okay, I’ve set up that Akismet plugin. Let’s hope it’s up to par with what you guys have said and can keep out the huge amount of spam.

Also, for the record, I utterly hate CAPTCHA systems. I can’t stand them. Half the time, I myself end up entering the image wrong because of horrible overlays and I get tossed a fatal error that prevents me from then even using the website I’m trying to enter. Usually their images are so easy to process that it’s just a joke that makes them think they have some form of security. I mean, “ASDF” in a straight line, in the same font, on a monotone background (or with minor defective filtering) is hardly a huge security force.

Please don't post this beta…

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

So far, all of the first three Adium 1.0 betas have been posted to digg and have made its front page.

Evan, David, and I have made the notice at the top of the beta page bigger and made it specifically mention digg. Here’s the current version:

Please do not post this beta to version tracking sites like MacUpdate or VersionTracker, or news sites like Digg. This is a beta; as such, things may not work properly.

So don’t. Please?

1.0 beta 1

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

The Adium Team pleased to announce that Adium 1.0 has entered public beta testing. Major enhancements include…

– Major AIM, ICQ and .Mac improvements. This includes working File Transfer, and faster sign on.
– Improvements to the default look and feel of Adium.
– iTunes integration is much faster, and updates as soon as the song changes.
– Added global user profile and buddy icon settings. (Personal Preferences)
– General Account improvements. Accounts can now be disabled when not in in use, and friends can now sign on from your Adium without saving their information.
– Added an Xtras manager to better handle browsing and removing Xtras.
– Major improvements in privacy settings.
– Redesigned Previous Chat (Log) Viewer

This release is a significant change from our previous releases, and it represents over a year of work on the parts of everyone involved with the project. We’re all really proud of the work we’ve done, and hope you will enjoy it.