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Sunday, July 8th, 2007

While we were at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, Peter, Colin, and I all went down to the Googleplex and recorded a podcast with the lovely and talented Leslie Hawthorn of Google Summer of Code fame. It got rather silly, but I think that’s just a good reflection of the project.

SoC: Snapping Groups

Friday, July 6th, 2007


This is Andre Cohen, one of the SoC students working on Adium. I have this summer been extending the contact list’s functionality to allow groups to be detachable. As it has been seen here a lot of progress has been made. Groups can easily be detached, moved and organized in which ever way one prefers. As of two weeks ago the project became stable enough for everyday use.

Currently I have been working on smoothing out the experience. This includes:

  • Adding/perfecting options in the view and window menu
  • Making sure it is clear to the user when a groups are attached to each other or if they simply are next to each other
  • Fixing or perhaps revising the way contact lists hide on the edge of the screen (thus fixing a currently very interesting bug)

This project has been going very well. Having started a bit early on the project it is allowing me to take more time to make sure everything functions smoothly. More updates to come!

PS: Since this project is entirely focused on user interaction I look forward to hearing about concerns and/or suggestions about this project.

Adium 1.0.5 beta and beta notifications

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Adium 1.0.5 beta is now available. Please grab it and let us know about any problems. Adium 1.0.5 will be the last release which supports OS X 10.3.9, so it’s particularly important that 10.3 users be in touch. 🙂

Are you always interested in the latest Adium beta? As of Adium 1.0.5, we’ve added a hidden preference (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) to make the update notification system keep you posted on both betas and releases. Type the following into the Terminal to enable the preference:

defaults write com.adiumx.Adiumx AIAlwaysUpdateToBetas -bool YES

UPDATE: Please manually update to 1.0.5b3 if you downloaded b1 or b2; the update checking was not working properly in those builds. Thanks!

SoC: XMPP Update

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007


It’s been a while since my last update, so I’d like to list what I’ve implemented so far. Since mid-eval is up pretty soon, I’ll need it anyways 🙂

  • The new registration interface (I already posted screenshots for it on this blog).
  • A small lock is shown next to connected accounts that use SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Integrated a fully-features discovery browser for accessing all the nice remote features. This also allows listing MUC channels and joining them (screenshot).
  • Implemented Ad-Hoc commands, both sending and receiving.
  • Implemented these commands into the discovery browser (screenshot). The server’s ad-hoc commands are shown in the account submenu (as demonstrated in this image), too. If any contact on the contact list has some ad-hoc commands available, they’re listed in their context menu (this is untested due to some non-Adium bugs).
  • Implemented displaying search results using the libpurple API. This will also benefit the other libpurple protocols.
  • Implemented MSN/Yahoo!-style buzz/nudge-support, including writing up a proposal for a XEP for it
  • Implemented XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities (version 1.3; I accidentally started a huge discussion on the xmpp-standards list to completely rewrite it after I implemented it)
  • Implemented XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery, which was very simple.
  • Automatic accept / accept+add / deny of subscription requests (called “Request for Authorization” in Adium I think)

The major parts still missing are:

  • The ad-hoc receiving part is planned to be used by AppleScript, so you can add custom AppleScripts to the list to be executed by clients connected to the same account (different resource), even with forms for interaction. This depends on Matthew Handley implementing the AS-part, though.
  • Multiuser-Chat enhancements. For this feature I’ll probably don’t have to do anything, since Erik Beerepoot agreed to add the connection between his work and libpurple itself, which should automagically make it work with XMPP (libpurple already implements all features I’d like to have added to Adium).
  • #1323
  • #4695

I’m well within my time plan, so the project is looking good so far.

SoC: Group Chat Improvements – some updates

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007


My name is Erik Beerepoot, i’m another SoC student here at Adium.

Although a bit on the late side perhaps, here’s an update on group chat improvements. As you can read on Google’s SoC page, I proposed to do several improvements on the current implementation of group chat. As coding has been going on for a little over a month now, some of this features have been implemented, and are waiting on dev feedback.

So far, I’ve updated the group chat interface, I’ve changed to old userlist and added a so-called widget bar. A planned feature for this bar is room commands; but for now, it just looks pretty.

I’ve also added drag & drop support to group chats. It is now possible to drag a contact from the contact list to a group chat, and the contact will join the group chat. I’m planning on adding sorting capabilities to the userlist (just like in the contact list), and also making this drag possible for turning a single user chat into a group chat.

Right now, I’m working on adding room/server bookmarking to adium. It is currently being discussed what exactly the proper graphical representation will be.

This is all for now, but i’ll have updates to follow soon!

About the recent downtime

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Hey folks,

Just a little heads up about the recent downtime. I didn’t post earlier because, well, this blog was down.

We’ve just finished the move of a couple of the services utilized for Adium to a heftier box at a much nicer datacenter at Network Redux. For those who have noticed, we’ve had outages on and off for months. The server was up, the problem was entirely the fault of the datacenter at the time. This move should correct that problem.

Some things are needing to be done still, but most of everything is back up.